Discovering a better way to learn for children with auditory processing disorder

Children with auditory processing disorder can often find modern classrooms, with their emphasis on group learning and discussion, a challenging environment for learning. For the 5% of children that do suffer from this condition, it is very important to set up their learning program in a way that helps them have the best chance of success. 

Here are some tips for educators. 

Use a talk-to-text program

There are a growing number of useful talk-to-text programs where the teacher's oral communication is converted into text by a computer program. The teacher wears a small microphone on their lapel and the text can be a read using a computer tablet so that the student with auditory processing disorder can directly read the text and does not have to do the step they struggle with, which is translating sounds into language. These programs also allow students to easily review past statements by the teacher so that they can contextualise the current lesson and comments. 

Provide a quiet environment in the classroom

Children with auditory processing disorder are often easily distracted in the classroom. It can be a good idea to work with the student to work out the best place for them to sit in the classroom. This could include getting them to sit in the front of the classroom where they cannot see their classmates or sitting them in a quiet nook of the classroom where there is less noise. It can also be a good idea to allow them to wear ear plugs or ear muffs if they cannot cope with the overall noise in the classroom. 

Provide notes

If you are working with written resources, such as powerpoint slides, it can be a good idea to share these with the student. This can allow them to review the material in a quiet and easier to focus environment so that they are already somewhat familiar with the material when it is introduced in class. It is also a good idea to give them a formal homework and assessment schedule as early as possible so that they can work with carers to plan how they will complete assessment pieces on time. 

By using an up-to-date approach to teaching children with auditory processing disorder, you can maximise the chances of the children learning the required material. This can be beneficial for the whole class, as the child with auditory processing disorder will be less likely to get distracted and distract others during the lessons. 

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