4 Benefits of Dangerous Goods Training Course for Security Screeners

In the recent past, various terrorist attacks aboard planes have shifted the attention of policymakers towards the security of passengers and crew from such threats. Security screeners have a crucial role of protecting the airport and travelers from any potential exposure to dangerous goods such as biological weapons and incendiary devices. Through training, security screeners can detect, assess, and avert any concerns associated with hazardous materials. You will be required to meet minimum training standards as stipulated in the Australian Aviation Transport Security Act 2004. Here are some benefits of dangerous goods training that all prospective security screeners should know.  

Recognition of Dangerous Goods -- The dangerous goods training equips security screeners with the necessary knowledge to recognize and identify materials that can be categorized as dangerous such as hazardous materials. The training involves the use of electronic equipment such as x-ray imaging machines and metal detectors among others. Also, security screeners are trained to conduct physical searches of all passengers and their baggage at airport checkpoints for purposes of identifying dangerous goods.

Legal Issues – Most techniques of detecting dangerous goods that security screeners use are subject to legal contention due to their likelihood to violate basic human rights. Dangerous goods training help screeners operate within the law of the land, and thus, reduce the likelihood of lawsuits. When it comes to passengers, the training is vital because it teaches security screeners to carry out their activities in a humane way that respects the privacy of all individuals.

Acquisition of Knowledge in the Use of New Technologies -- Screening personnel is required to keep up with new screening technologies. For example, trace-detection technologies are used in airports to collect samples of dangerous materials for analysis. The training can involve practical situations and simulations in the utilization of this technology. Simulation gives the trainees hands-on experience for application in the field. Sample materials can be collected from the passengers' belongings. Moreover, you will be trained on the use of non-contact approaches to collecting sample materials like air vacuum. With all these methods, you will be taught to navigate the thin line between privacy and technology.

Basic Airport Security Protocol -- Apart from dangerous material training, you will learn basic airport protocol that will need to be initiated in case of detection of hazardous materials. For instance, you will learn procedures for crowd control and emergency procedures. You will also learn the steps you ought to follow up until you call in all relevant authorities to deal with a potential threat caused by a dangerous good at the airport.  

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