Questions to Ask When Considering Enrolling Your Child In an Independent School

An independent school is one that is not paid for by the government or state, and typically a parent would need to apply to have their child enrolled into an independent school. There are many advantages to this type of schooling, but note some questions to ask yourself if you're thinking of enrolling your child. This will ensure you make the right choice and know what's involved with the enrollment.

Ask if there is religious instruction involved

You may be considering a certain independent school because it is affiliated with your religious choice, but some parents may not realize that many independent schools are run by religious organizations simply because they don't have a particular saint or religious name in the school's name. You may be surprised to find that religious instruction is part of the curriculum at a certain school you're considering, so always ask about this and ensure you're comfortable with this instruction, as your child may not be able to opt out of it.

Always check on fees and costs beyond tuition

A private or independent school may note certain fees for the enrollment itself, but you need to note if certain classes or courses, and even athletics, will mean added fees or costs. For example, tuition may not cover the cost of athletic uniforms, transportation to certain meets or competitions, and the like. Some classes may include lab fees and added course materials. There may also be added charges for meals and items available in a cafeteria, whereas some independent schools may include certain meals in their tuition costs. Be sure you've made a list of all fees and costs you might face beyond tuition and enrollment so you know the actual cost of keeping your child in school throughout the year.

Ask about their school improvement plan

Independent schools should always have a school improvement plan; this is a plan in place for how often they will update their computer equipment and equipment in labs, as well as athletic equipment and even the school facility itself. Most independent schools will have such a plan that they gladly share with parents so you can ensure that you are not paying a premium tuition for your child to work on outdated equipment and that they are learning the skills they would need in a modern workforce. To ensure you are getting the best value for your tuition and other fees, ask about this plan and ensure the school is always improving its own provisions for students.

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